Food specialties in Hyuga

Hyuga City is the sole location that produces clamshell Go stones. Along with the culture of Go stone production, the city is famous for food with clams. As a port, Hyuga is also rich in gifts from the sea such as bonito, tuna caught in the Sea of Hyuga, and lobster. "Hebesu" citrus fruits, special products of Hyuga, are popular for their smooth and sour taste.

Kanegahama Drive-In

Kyochikuen Hyuga

★OPEN / 11:00 〜 CLOSE / 22:00(LO21:45)


Lunch Time / 11:00~15:00
Dinner Time / 17:00~21:00
Regular holiday / 1st 3rd Monday

Cafe Tamanoya

Hamaguri Goishi no Sato

Lunch Time / AM11:30~PM2:30 LO / PM2:00
Regular holiday / Every Tuesday


Lunch Time / am11:00〜pm2:00
Cafe Time / am11:00〜pm7:00
Bar Time / pm7:00〜am0:00(LastOrder:pm11:00)

Regular holiday / 1st and 3rd Wednesday


OPEN / am 10:00
CLOSE / pm 10:00

The sea station Hososhima

OPEN / 11:00 〜 CLOSE / 15:00
Regular holiday / Every Monday

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