• Umagase

    The 70 m-high precipitous cliff that has cracked into hexagonal columns offers a magnificent view. The unobstructed panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean at the tip of the cape reminds you that the earth is spherical.
  • The "Sea-cruz" Where Wishes Come True

    The sea has worn the columnar rocks into the shape of a cross. It is said that praying here will make your wishes come true.
  • Omi Shrine

    Omi Shrine, standing on columnar rocks, is known as "Hyuga's Ise Shrine." It is a powerful spot famous for its dragon legend and the Sazareishi stones that appear in the lyrics of the Japanese national anthem.
  • Hyugashi Station

    In 2008, the station building with its outstanding design and unique architectural style became the first Japanese winner of a Brunel Award, an international contest for design and architecture related to railways, in the station building category. The building was constructed using Japanese cedar and gives off a pleasant wood scent.
日向style 日向style